The ABC’s of my 2013

YES, I KNOW THAT IT’S ALREADY MARCH OF 2014… BUT, I’ve been wanting to do this post for awhile, but I couldn’t come up with a cool, groovy way to highlight my 2013 year. I’m one of those people that has something great to say about the last meal I had, the last movie I watched, etc. etc. and acknowledge that (at the time) it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten or funniest film I’ve watched.  We all know this isn’t true because when you say that about everything, what makes it so great in the first place? Basically, if I say that about this past year, what makes it actually stand out? But when I think back about the year 2013, it truly was one of the greatest years…

And I’m not just saying this because so many good things happened. Don’t get me wrong, there were many positives but there were also a tremendous amount of itty-bitty negatives. But I think what made this past year truly wonderful was my ability to learn so much from the sad, upsetting things that took place and work up the courage to not let it affect me as much as it typically would. That to me is huge, and what brings me the most happiness. Here we go:

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What are your infinite possibilities?

I recently stumbled upon a short film created by YouTube channel, WongFu Productions. If you haven’t heard of them and are a fan of Asian-interest animations, it’s totally for you and you should check it out. You could say I could take this opportunity to explain why I take such an interest in films similar to this one.

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Seeking success in the shadows



We all know that one person who has the tendency to voice their opinions about anything they feel extremely passionate about. This passion does not necessarily stem from a place of confidence, but more of a position of self-doubt and insecurity. I know this because their comments which started as constructive criticism, take a turn for the worse. Their words are no longer adding to the conversation, but more often resemble an attack on the other from a subjective state of mind.

I’m going to give these individuals names in which I think describe their most prominent qualities, which aren’t necessarily negative, but can be when they let their qualities define their being. What I mean by this is that they allow their qualities to solely become the person they are by neglecting how their actions will affect others. This can be a downfall because it often leads to the common neglect of “thinking before you speak/act”.

There are four types of people I know that fit this description, you have the:

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Weddings as a single, newly legal, Asian female

1289859_10201115695468633_1291249803_nIt was great. Turning 21 just only a couple months ago has been life changing for me both physically and mentally. I’ve been more confident, carefully formed the things coming out of my mouth, and have had a lot more fun. However, I’m not sure I should give all the credit to my newfound ability to purchase alcohol at a local convenience store or finally step foot in a swanky bar, but it has its perks.

One thing that hasn’t necessarily transpired into what a 21 year old has been dreaming of, are wedding receptions. I guess it ultimately depends on who you attend these weddings with or whose wedding you’re attending but my first experience wasn’t the greatest.

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Why it is completely okay to be single, yet not ready to mingle

heart4It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s about the experience you’ve gone through in your so called “love life”. When someone you haven’t seen in forever asks you how your “love life” is going and your response is “absolutely nothing, same old”, it means you’re either (1) bitter with hatred and want to shatter the mere existence of the four letter word, or (2) have had your expectations crumble one too many times that you’re still trying to figure out what the heck is going on in the mind of opposite sex…but you almost got it.

You’re probably familiar with that feeling of getting your hopes and dreams crushed by the one person you thought you’d take a chance with, aka the one that feeds the butterflies in your tummy. It’s like letting that wall crumble down just a bit. Chiseling off maybe one or two bricks, just enough to let vulnerability crawl its way through the broken cement blocks.

Now, your wall is a little shorter to peek over and you can practically feel your emotions pouring out like word vomit. This happens when you see the one you’ve gone on multiple dates with, shared intimate moments with, and had numerous deep conversations with creating these same memories with someone else.

What does that mean for you? Were you merely passed along like the rest of them? Was this really your fault though? Yes, but for a completely different reason.

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The top 8 most embarrassing things my Asian mother has done

My mom and I

My mom and I

It seems redundant to  say that your parents have done a number of embarrassing things to make your face turn beet red or freeze of utter humiliation. But recalling moments of my mother acting upon her natural and “normal” tendencies from a traditionally Asian background becomes a real chore, especially when its almost painful to relive.

Although a full-fledged, fully adapted grown, Asian American woman, my mother’s transition into the Western lifestyle was not a simple one. She struggled with your typical pronunciation, as well as your technological advances that she could barely keep up with. Take a look at the top 8 most embarrassing things my Asian mother has committed. I’m giggling, typing as I try to remember when:

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How To Fall In Love

I feel this everyday. I haven’t found love yet but I get a glimmer of feeling something like this occasionally. And until I learn to let this wall down without feeling completely and utterly vulnerable, I’ll know it’s real.

Thought Catalog

Love is one of those things that finds you when you least expect it. You can’t really go hunting for it and you can’t predict it. What you can do is help facilitate not-expecting it.

Start by telling yourself that you’ll never fall in love. Look in the mirror every morning at your stupid ugly face and make a mental note that nobody could ever love someone who looks like you. Take a shower and let water pour over you, down the length of your mediocre body. There’s no way another human being could ever find that attractive. Dry yourself off and repeat your mantra to yourself. “I can do anything.” That’s a stupid fucking mantra. You are a dumb fuck. You will never amount to anything and nobody could ever love such a sad waste of space. Get dressed in anything, it doesn’t matter because all your clothes aren’t…

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